The Masque of the Red Death

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出演: ヴィンセント・プライス, ジェーン・アッシャー, ヘイゼル・コート, デヴィッド・ウェストン, スキップ・マーティン
監督: ロジャー・コーマン

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Runtime: 89 mins
Genre: Horror/Suspense
Synopsis: The great Vincent Price stars in this moody horror film--arguably the best in a series of atmospheric Edgar Allan Poe adaptations directed by Roger Corman in the 1960s. Price plays Prince Prospero, a sadistic Satan-worshipping nobleman in medieval Italy whose masquerade ball becomes an orgy of death and depravity as a plague ravages the countryside. Jane Asher costars as Francesca, a beautiful peasant girl whom Prospero saves from the dreaded Red Death so that he can seduce her into becoming a bride of Satan. Meanwhile, his already-converted wife (Hazel Court) is making her final, fatal pact with Lucifer, and Prospero himself has a date with destiny when a mysterious, uninvited figure appears at the masque. The clever script by Charles Beaumont also adapts Poe's "Hop Toad," the story of a grisly revenge enacted by a dwarf during the course of the evening's nightmarish festivities. Benefiting from great cinematography by Nicolas Roeg, lavish sets, and some delirious dancing, this engaging, macabre little tale lands in a nice spot between high art and high camp and is considered by many fans and critics to be the pinnacle of Corman's prolific career.
Starring: Vincent Price, Hazel Court, Jane Asher, Patrick Magee
Director: Roger Corman
Screenwriter: Charles Beaumont

So the movie is quite different from the original story by Poe. There exists a plot!



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